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Holiday Rental Solution works in collaboration with the specialist Short Term Rental Accommodation security company Vogel Protection Group. Vogel Protection Group maintain procedures that are fully compliant with the Holiday Rental Solutions Quality Assurance Process & Government regulations.

1 Property - with Security ($200.00) - Central Coast ONLY
1 Property - without Security ($150.00)
2 Properties - with Security ($299.00) - Central Coast ONLY
2 Properties - without Security ($249.00)
3 Properties - with Security ($448.00) - Central Coast ONLY
3 Properties - without Security ($348.00)
4 Properties - with Security ($597.00) - Central Coast ONLY
4 Properties - without Security ($447.00)
5 Properties - with Security ($746.00) - Central Coast ONLY
5 Properties - without Security ($546.00)
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The Terms & Conditions agreement regulates the business relationship between you and us. By using our Quality Assurance System in any way, or by buying from us, you agree to be bound by it. The Agreement constitutes a limited single user licence to use your Membership and the HRS Quality Assurance System for your business use. The license is non-exclusive & non-transferable.

I have Short Term Rental Accommodation insurance including comprehensive landlord and public liability insurance for each Quality Assured Property

I have read and agreed to the Holiday Rental Solutions Pty Ltd Terms & Conditions
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