Resolving Complaints & Providing Feedback

There are three complaint resolution avenues available to Guests of a Holiday Rental Solutions Quality Assured or Accredited Property. These include:

Informal complaint procedure

If it is appropriate and you feel comfortable handling your complaint then it is a good idea to talk directly to a property manager. A lot of small issues can be resolved this way without the need for more lengthy processes.

If you don't feel comfortable handling the complaint yourself or your complaint cannot be resolved then please consider submitting a formal complaint with either Holiday Rental Solutions or an external organisation.

Formal complaint procedure

If you are unhappy with a property managers complaint process or you cannot resolve your issue with a Property Manager you can notify Holiday Rental Solutions. This will enable Holiday Rental Solutions to address possible systemic challenges a manager may have in their management procedures. It also enables HRS to address any deficiencies there may be in the HRS Quality Assurance & Accreditation System.

Quality Assured & Accredited Properties are required to comply with the Holiday Rental Code of Conduct Quality Management Areas. Holiday Rental Solutions will utilise your complaint to make a determination about the status of a property or managers Quality Assurance or Accreditation.

The relevant Code of Conduct Quality Management Areas include:

Formal complaints must be lodged via the form below. Your complaint will be recorded in a central database and investigated by Holiday Rental Solutions. We will provide a copy of the Complaint to the Property Manager and request their written response within 14 days. We will let you know if we require additional information from you.

If we are satisfied there has been a breach of the Code, we will take action we consider is appropriate against the Property Manager in accordance with our Sanctions Policy.

We will notify you of any such actions taken.

If you will be submitting a formal complaint and would like to view the Holiday Rental Solutions Sanctions Policy please send an email to Holiday Rental Solutions via:


If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint by Holiday Rental Solutions, you may wish to request a review of the process via our Internal Appeals Panel:

Reviews are limited to procedural matters only.

Lodge an external complaint

You may take your complaint about either a Property Manager or Holiday Rental Solutions to an external agency. External agencies may require that you have lodged an internal complaint first. External Agencies include:

Submit a Formal Complaint

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