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The Holiday Rental Solutions Quality Assurance & Accreditation System assists managers to comply with the Holiday Rental Code of Conduct, Government requirements and 'best practice' management standards.

What is The HRS Quality Assurance Process?

The HRS Quality Assurance Process is a systematic method of:

  1. Avoiding & addressing challenges and complaints.
  2. Ensuring required management standards are achieved.
  3. Implementing and assisting compliance with the Holiday Rental Code of Conduct.

In NSW, Short Term Rental Accommodation Properties are required to abide by Local Government Planning Controls and the Holiday Rental Code of Conduct.

HRS Quality Assured Members make a commitment to comply with all required regulations, standards and practices to ensure sustainable industry management and growth. The system provides practical tools to enable managers to implement and self asses / verify compliance.

 What is The HRS Accreditation Process?

The HRS Accreditation Process is an evaluation process used to assess the quality of management provided.

The Holiday Rental Solutions Short Term Rental Accommodation Accreditation process:

  1. Involves both compliance and quality elements. 
  2. Focuses on continuous quality improvement.
  3. Involves self-assessment of performance against the Code and regulation standards and practices.
  4. Involves monitoring and reporting of ongoing performance by HRS.

Guiding Principles

Overall, the HRS Quality Assurance System reflects three fundamental principles:

  1. To ensure that as far as possible any member under the provisions of this System will make a positive contribution to the success of the sector and to the quality of Short Term Rental Accommodation generally.
  2. To reinforce and extend HRS's role, status and standards as the leading professional organisation in Short Term Rental Accommodation Quality Assurance & Accreditation.
  3. To ensure that the System meets Short Term Rental Accommodation standards and provisions as they have been prescribed in the Code and applicable legislative framework.
Guiding Objectives
The objectives of the HRS Quality Assurance & Accreditation System are to:
  1. Ensure that HRS members achieve and sustain the highest standards of practice and performance.
  2. Enable members to implement and verify compliance with the Code, Government regulation and HRS Quality Assurance & Accreditation standards & practices.
  3. Assist members to meet the needs of stakeholders.
  4. Assist members to avoid and address community challenges.
  5. Provide a flexible and robust Quality Assurance & Accreditation framework that can be adapted and revised to accommodate future Short Term Rental Accommodation accreditation &/or regulatory requirements.
  6. Reinforce HRS's position as the leading professional Australian Short Term Rental Accommodation Quality Assurance & Accreditation organisation.

Holiday Rental Solutions provides membership packages to suit all of your Short Term Rental Accommodation needs regardless of whether you self manage your property or your property is managed by a professional management organisation.

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